The feedback from junior, intermediate and senior software developers who have been trained by us is testament to the quality of DevFluence’s offerings.

“The training puts things in perspective”
“Loved the course structure, the principles, the concepts and detail”
“Rich knowledge of the instructor”
“Practical, informative, able to identify the benefits of application to our practice”
“Educational training in cleaning up code”
“Fear free environment”
“Solid building blocks of TDD”
“Loved having the time and space to practise the discipline with my team”

Profile of a Professional Software Developer

A professional software developer is a modern day craftsman. Professional software development refers to a skilled individual using his or her hands and intellect to create something that fulfills a purpose. The attainment of skills requires continuous learning and practice. A professional software developer typically displays behavioural traits that hints at a specific mindset or world view.

Customers we have trained