Working with
Existing Code

This course is for teams that are working on enhancing or maintaining an existing code base – even if that code base was written last week! The course focuses on understanding and improving existing code through micro-refactorings, system-wide refactorings and carefully managing your technical debt

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why you need to always be trying to improve existing code
  • Understand how to read existing code, including how to identify and analyse hotspots and high-complexity areas
  • Understand what refactoring is and how to apply micro-refactorings
  • Know common code “smells” and what refactorings to apply to improve a smell
  • Know how to apply larger refactorings that affect bigger areas of code
  • Be able to break apart larger pieces of an application by finding seams and breaking dependencies
  • Be able to write characterisation tests and add test harnesses to existing code
  • Understand what technical debt is and how to manage it effectively

This course can be run as an intensive 3-day off-site short course, or as a longer-term course where there are some on-site workshops as well as exercises for delegates to do in between workshops.

Professional Software Developer