The Professional
Software Developer

This course focuses on the individual and their career as a developer. In it we discuss how you fit into the larger business eco-system and how to improve your ability to interface effectively with business and other team members.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how software development fits into the economic system, and how you add value to your team and employer or customers
  • Understand how to learn more effectively
  • Understand what it means to take responsibility and be accountable for delivery
  • Know what key tools you need in your personal tool belt, including a checklist of core technical knowledge.
  • Know how to perform a self-assessment that measures your progress from year to year
  • Be better at communication with stakeholders, team members and management
  • Know various collaboration techniques you can use to be more effective in a team
  • Understand the economics of software development, including the cost of delay, queues, batch sizes and work in progress costs

This course can be run as an intensive 3-day off-site short course, or as a longer-term course where there are some on-site workshops as well as exercises for delegates to do in between workshops.

Professional Software Developer