The Agile Developer

This course is for teams that are looking to enhance their agility through good technical and team practices. This is not about a specific agile methodology, but about cross-cutting skills that help with responding to change and being an effective developer in an agile team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the core agile principles
  • Understanding how to respond to change and ensure that you are ready to do so
  • Enabling short feedback loops in your daily work
  • Customer collaboration – engaging with stakeholders
  • Developing alignment through conversation
  • Baseline technical practices for agility
  •  - Source control
     - Continuous integration & automated builds
     - Refactoring and unit testing
     - Core learning skills, deliberate practice

This course can be run as an intensive 3-day off-site short course, or as a longer-term course where there are some on-site workshops as well as exercises for delegates to do in between workshops

Professional Software Developer