Mob sessions are a group programming activity where the entire team works on a single computer taking turns to incrementally write code.

We use this technique to help embed the practice of TDD by facilitating group learning and a shared understanding within the team of how to apply what has been learned in the TDD Fundamentals course.

This sequence of workshops takes place over a period of 8 to 12 weeks where we run one 3,5-hour workshop every week. We begin by doing example problems and once the team is ready we move on to real-world challenges in the form of existing code the team needs to add tests to or new features the team wishes to build using TDD.

We cover further concepts in the sessions depending on the needs of the team. The facilitator is always a seasoned practitioner of TDD in real-world delivery teams, so they are able to cover concepts as and when they come up.

Learning Outcomes

  • The team will be better equipped to use TDD within their daily work
  • The team will be better equipped to get existing code under test
  • The team will be more aligned around how work gets done
  • The team will have a deeper shared understanding of core technical concepts like TDD, SOLID and design patterns.

We only run this course on customer sites.  It requires a room with a PC, a large screen and a chair for each attendee – mob-learning sessions are ideally limited to a maximum of eight people. Whichever tools the team members usually use should be available on the PC (or they can remote into one of the delegates’ machines).

We can run this course using any technology stack – we have run it using C#, JavaScript, C++ and T-SQL.

Test Driven Development