Core Coding

This course is for teams of developers looking to improve their ability to write good, clean, maintainable code. In it, we cover key coding principles that help to develop a language for discussion within the team. These include coupling and cohesion, the SOLID principles, DRY.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to apply various lenses when evaluating code quality
  • SOLID principles
  • Coupling and Cohesion
  • The practice of writing clean code:
  •  - Standards
     - Naming
     - Functions and Classes
     - Clean unit tests
  • An Introduction to Clean Architecture
  • Creating alignment in the team using conversation

This course can be run as an intensive 3-day off-site short course, or as a longer-term course where there are some on-site workshops as well as exercises for delegates to do in between workshops.

Professional Software Developer